Empyrean Alodial Hunter Kali – First time in the ring

Empyrean Alodial Hunter Kali
Dob: 14.04.2023.
Res. Junior BIS
13.04.2024. NDS Mezoszilas

First time in the ring
Such a big boy, I’m just so proud of him! Incredible result for the first time in Jr. Class. He did not want to practice in the ring in the morning, so i did feel like okay we try, but no chance, but he was shinning in the ring. Run also together with Mom also was very successful, but we need to practice more, not so easy handling 2 dogs with 2 leashes so waiting for our leash

Here is the result:
Jr. Class.: CAC, Best Junior, BOB, BOG
Judge: Zoltán Baffia
Judge: Rada Istvan
Aldo also with Bella Best Couple!
Hunter co owner: Péter Hóka
Breeder and handler: me
Incredible Art ElderFlower
Ch.class: CAC, BOS, and best couple!!!!