Mawanda Moon Bross ZION

Dam: Bulawayo Baobab Fana

Sire: Mkangawi Akiiki Alvin


D.O.B: 23 / 05 / 2016

Height: 68 cm, Weight: 46 kg

Colour: Red-Wheaten

Complete scissors bite

HD A free

OCD free

LTV free

CEC free

ED 0/0

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy – JME Clear (N/N)

Malignant Hyperthermia – MH Clear (N/N)

Degenerative myelopathy – DM Clear (N/N)

Copy number of ridge gene- Heterozygota (R/r) – 1 ridge gene

B-locus – B/B / D-locus – D/D

Hemophilia B (factor IX. deficiency) – neg N

Hyperuricosuria (SLC) – N/N

Entricular arrhythmia (IVA) – N/N



Best in Show 3rd Winner – 2020 Hungary, Hajdúdorog

Best in Show 3rd Winner – 2021 Kosovo, Pristina

Romanian Champion, Grand Champion of Romanian  – 2018

Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Show Champion, Grand Champion of Hungary – 2019

Serbian Champion, Grand Champion of Serbia – 2019

Bulgarian Champion, Grand Champion of Bulgaria – 2019

Balkan Champion, Winner  – 2019

Montenegro Champion – 2019

Yugoslavia Champion – 2019

Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina Champion – 2019

Bosnia and Hercegovina Champion – 2019, Grand Champion of Bosnia Hercegovina – 2021

Adriatic Champion  – 2019

Mediterranean Champion  – 2019

Croation Champion  – 2021, Croation Grand Champion 2022

Kosovo Champion, Grand Champion of Kosovo 2021

Albanian Champion, Grand Champion of Albania –  2021

Macedon Champion  – 2021, Grand Champion of Macedonia – 2022

Slovenian Champion – 2022

Crufts Qualification 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023

Male of the Year by RR Club Hungary 2018 – 2nd place

Male of the Year by RR Club Hungary 2019 – 1st place

RRCH Special Award Best Male in 2020 (Covid) – 2nd place

Male of the Year by RR Club Hungary 2021 – 1st place

II.RR Club show Hungary – Best Movement 1st place 2018

Rhodesian ridgeback club Zagreb – Champion Class 3rd place 2019

Champion Class Winner – by Dalmata és Kopó Klub Hungary Exhibition 2020

Honor class Winner – IV.RRCH ClubShow 2021

Honor class Winner – V.RRCH ClubShow 2022

Best Hungarian Breed Dog – V.RRCH ClubShow 2022

My wonderful child! Yes, I think that we managed to overcome the dog-owner relationship, He means much, much more to me than anything. We met when I was completely alone and in a very short time, he managed to completely gain my trust and occupy almost my entire heart. I love him unconditionally and I am sure that this feeling is mutual, there have already been examples of him protecting me and also of me confronting an attacking dog because I knew I had to act. I don’t know a more balanced dog than him, a perfect companion and an unprecedented friend.

But of course, he’s also a ridgeback. We went to many dog schools and tried many things before we reached the current state. Of course, Zion was not born to be an obedient dog either, before anyone thinks, it is a lot of work to get a RR BH exam, but luckily he did it. Together. I have always been and still am Zion’s driving force. He is willing to work with me and obeys me. He is the role model of the typical one-owner dog. He follows me like a shadow, he feels good when he knows where I am. I think he could do anything for me.

He is a fully socialized dog, keeping his distance from strangers at first, but he is inquisitive. The right person can easily get close to him. He loves children, so much so that I previously wanted to train him as a therapy dog, where we could have helped injured children, but unfortunately, I had to face the fact that there is no examiner would allow a Rhodesian Ridgeback trained as a guard dog of this size to pass on that exam. So this dream of ours has dashed a few years ago. He gets along well with other dogs, but he is also a dominant dog, he likes to be the center of attention and has a firm attitude towards male dogs in the same weight group or above him.

In his pack, he plays the role of Leader, he usually looks out for the others and is also happy to participate in a game from time to time. He loves to roll in fresh dirt and freshly cut grass, fortunately, he also likes water, and he loves to swim and jump off rocks.

In addition, he has a disciplined and dignified appearance in the ring. He holds the title of Interchampion and is the champion and grand champion of many countries. He also won the prize for the most beautiful movement and the prize for the most beautifully bred Hungarian ridgeback. In addition, he is a multiple BIS3 winner and owner of many CACs and CACIBs.

As far as I know, he has no inherited diseases!

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