With her victory in Hódmezővásárhely, Bella obtained the last CACIB title necessary for the Interchampion title, so as the proud mother of 13 puppies, she
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Bellas head

***22.10.2023 – Hódmezővásárhely CACIB (HU)***

Incredible Art ElderFlower received a very nice comment from Judge Panche Dameski (MK) and became the Best Of BreedChampion class: Exc.1.; CACIB, BOB
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SKCHR Clubshow 2023

***14.10.2023 – SKCHR Clubshow 2023***Empyrean Alodial GEORGE Nzuri – exactly 6 month old aaand became BEST Male Puppy 1/4Judge: Hanka Pankova
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CACIB Komarom (HU) and Dalmation and Scenthound Clubshow

After a long period of babysitting, we returned to the world of shows. Unfortunately, Bella is not yet in her former form, we have to
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CACIB Komarom (HU) and Dalmation and Scenthound Clubshow

I am very proud of my little boy and I must mention separately that the Honorable Mr. Judge Jean Pierre Achtergael liked it very much,
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Almost 6 months old

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Siblings meeting

My dear Puppies Owners it is a great honor that you all came and we could spend a day together and that the 9 brothers
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02.09.2023. Liepzig CACIB – Germany

During our visit to Germany, we decided to enter our first exhibition in Germany and how well we did. We ended the Cacib show with
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Puppy visit

Visited Zion’s beautiful babygirl in Germany

Zion beautiful Babygirl. Fall in love with her. Malkia wa Kiburi Nala (2month old)
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Everybody moved out!

Today all our dogs moved. I wish everyone a very long, happy and healthy life. I trust that everyone has gone to the best owner.
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Visit from daddy George

Daddy (Ndoki Gentle George) and Petra and Michael Bossard visited us at the weekend! BELLA and GEORGE have become proud parents of 12 (resp. 13)
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4 weeks

Our little Miracles 4 weeks old!
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Wooow, what a birthday preset!!!!

Amera and Zion gonna be parents!!!!  We are proudly present Zion next litter. Malikia wa Kiburi Kennel
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Happy 7th Birthday My Love!!!!7years ago I was in China, and i remember so clear when your breeder messaged me, that u were born.Believe we
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The 13 Miracles

We are growing and growing!!!
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