Incredible Art ElderFlower

Dam: San Vera Anasteisha

Sire: RR’Shuffling Motion Shalyapin


D.O.B 09 / 09 / 2020

Height: 63 cm, Weight: 37 kg

Colour: Red-Wheaten

Complete scissors bite, Full dentation

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy – JME Clear (N/N)

Degenerative myelopathy – DM Clear (N/N)

Copy number of ridge gene- Heterozygota (R/r) – 1 ridge gene

B-locus – B/B / D-locus – D/D

Hemophilia B (factor IX. deficiency) – neg N




JUNIOR Best in Show Winner – 2021 Bosnia, Banja Luka

JUNIOR Best in Show 3rd Winner – 2021 Kosovo, Pristina

Junior Champion of Hungary – 2021

Junior Champion of Bosnia and Hercegovina – 2021

Junior Champion of Croatia  – 2021

Junior Champion of Kosovo – 2021

Junior Champion of Albania – 2021

Junior Champion of Macedonia – 2021

Junior Champion of Slovenia – 2021

Champion and Grand Champion of Hungary 2022

Champion and Grand Champion of Macedonia – 2022

Champion and Grand Champion of Bosnia Hercegovina – 2022

Champion of Republica Srpskoj – 2022

Romanian Champion – 2022

Champion of Slovenian – 2022

Champion of Swizerland – 2022

Champion of Croatia – 2023

Champion, Show Champion and Grand Champion of Hungary 2023

Crufts Qualification 2022,2023

Puppy of the Year by RR Club Hungary 2021 – 1st place

Junior Female of the Year by RR Club Hungary 2021 – 2nd place

Best Female Head – IV.RRCH ClubShow 2021 – 1st place

European Dog Show – Junion Class – 4th place

The sweetest dog I’ve ever met completely stole my heart, even though there wasn’t much room for anyone else. I used to think that Zion would fill my heart until the missus arrived. He completely stole my heart with his kindness, charm, and perseverance. I love every bit of him, even though she “was” a very lively puppy. Compared to my male dog, she has a completely different temperament, while Zion was a considerate, manageable puppy from an early age, I have never seen a dog more active and playful than Bella.

In addition to being a very active and inquisitive puppy, he is also a flattering, kind, and friendly dog. He loves everyone and invites everyone to play, loves to work, and loves her belly very much. We went through a training school and at the moment, although interrupted, we are preparing for the BH exam. She loves the water and she likes to run in the meadows and forests. She is not afraid, an open personality.

She loves exhibitions, moves freely in the ring, Junior BIS winner and junior and adult champion, and grand champion of many countries. To obtain the Interchampion title, 1 title is required and it is only 2.5 years old.

The miracle of the other half of my heart!

Judges about Bella

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