Our dogs


Mawanda Moon Bross Zion

Mawanda Moon Bross

My wonderful child! Yes, I think that we managed to overcome the dog-owner relationship, He means much, much more to me than anything. We met when I was completely alone and in a very short time, he managed to completely gain my trust and occupy almost my entire heart. I love him unconditionally and I am sure that this feeling is mutual, there have already been examples of him protecting me and also of me confronting an attacking dog because I knew I had to act. I don’t know a more balanced dog than him, a perfect companion and an unprecedented friend.


Incredible Art ElderFlower

Incredible Art ElderFlower

The sweetest dog I’ve ever met completely stole my heart, even though there wasn’t much room for anyone else. I used to think that Zion would fill my heart until the missus arrived. He completely stole my heart with his kindness, charm, and perseverance.

The miracle of the other half of my heart!


Empyrean Alodial George Nzuri