About Us

If I had to sum up in one word what I feel when I think about my dogs, it would be Heaven.

That is why my kennel was named Empyrean Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel.

Before my dogs, I didn’t have a dog, I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know about this wonderful breed until 2016 when my life was such that I was able to move into my own house with a garden. I already knew during the construction that I wanted a partner with whom I could share the wonderful place we moved to from the very first moment. It all started in Budörs.


I heard about the breed from a very good friend of mine, and since I had a concrete idea of ​​what kind of dog I wanted, I was immediately drawn to it. Its dignified, unique appearance immediately piqued my interest in the breed and I started looking for it. Luckily for me, fate brought me together with a breeder whom I can now call my friend and not only him but also his family. Upon my inquiry, she was happy to show me her dogs, even before I had an idea about the puppy, and I was able to accompany Fana throughout her pregnancy, together we chose the puppy that suited me with the breeder. In the beginning, I wanted a female dog, but breeding was out of the question for me. I knew that I wanted a companion, a faithful companion, with whom I could share my life and explore the mountains together. I thought that as a beginner dog owner, it was easier with a little girl, but later it turned out that it wasn’t, but I’ll tell you about that later.

Finally, after my breeder and I got to know each other, he suggested that I get a male dog, and how right he was, I made the best decision of my life when I selected and brought my wonderful dog, Zion. The decision process itself was a bit silly because at first, I didn’t choose him, but an initially much friendlier dog. There are certain stereotypes that dogs choose. Well, I also had a puppy that hung on me all the time during my visit, didn’t let go, cooed, and was nice. However, there was another puppy who only watched from a distance, he didn’t come over, he just looked and stared at me wondering if I would be good enough to be his owner I said on the spot that I wanted the little sweet puppy, but…. and now comes the important part, by the time I got home I realized that I needed that little poisonous puppy. He just looked and looked with his beautiful eyes, and by the time I got home, I knew that HE would be my wonderful puppy, Mawanda Moon Bross Zion.

He is a wonderful creature, I love every part of him, I know his every move, and he is a great actor and a real charmer. He knows how to get me off my feet, but he’s also a very well-behaved, beautiful dog. I went through all the schools with him, from puppy school to obedience exams, everything through induction courses and we also successfully passed the BH exam. In addition to this, we have attended guarding and protection training for several years, and so that the fun is not left out, we also do agility training. And of course, we also tried the world of exhibitions to encourage breeders, although I did not bring Zion with that intention at all.

In the beginning, I didn’t know anything about this world, where to name it, what I need, or how to lead the dog, but it probably stemmed from my personality, I didn’t give up on that either and followed everything, I learned about the world of exhibitions, I learned how to lead, 1.5-2 years I attended training classes to learn the elements of this profession, and I certainly still have a lot to learn and especially to experience, but fortunately, today, in addition to my dogs, I also train other dogs and teach owners, I try to pass on to the new ones the knowledge that I have a lot I had to collect it from many places, maybe it’s a little easier if you help beginners get through the early days.

And we fell into the world of dog breeding, they asked me to cover with Zion and I was a part of the birth of the litter and their growth, and then I realized that one day I would like to follow my own path and I would like to have my own kennel and with my vision and the interests of the breed standard in mind I could be a part of the future of this wonderful breed.

I have come a long way to get to my brilliant bitch, Incredible Art ElderFlower Bella. But it was worth all the wait! She came to me from Russia with a beautiful healthy filtered bloodline. His ancestors include several European and world-winning dogs. I could not wish for a sweeter and sweeter little girl than her. Therefore, I will also be grateful to His breeder for trusting me and entrusting me with a dog of this nature. It was a conscious choice, I wanted to bring a relatively unknown bloodline to Europe for breeding purposes. Fortunately, everything went well with the breeder, our relationship was based on mutual trust since choosing a puppy and giving it to breeding without knowing each other is a big responsibility for both parties. But we succeeded!!!

From then on, our path was clear, exhibition after exhibition and exhibition. I wanted to be sure that the dog to whom I am entrusting the fate of my kennel meets the standard in appearance and that the judges will welcome him, and what was even more important, that, like Zion, Bella’s screenings were completely negative, because my first and most important pillar is that as much as possible ( since I’m not a geneticist) I want to strive for healthy and beautiful puppies to be born in my kennel. To this end, I do my best, my dogs have the mandatory screenings and many more, I pay attention to their nutrition and I do everything to make them mentally balanced and beautiful dogs.

We are a family. They are an active part of our lives and everyday life. Our life is perfect with them

So, after being the owner of a cover male from 2016, in 2022 I created my Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel named Empyrean.

About me

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I was born in 1980 and have been dealing with ridgebacks since 2016. I like challenges, I am a persistent open personality. I don’t like hypocrisy, I consider myself an honest person, what’s in my heart is on my face, it may not pay off many times, but I like clean sheets when we know each other’s thoughts. I am a determined person who does not avoid conflict.

I used to work as a senior manager for almost 15 years at a fashion company, but nowadays I work in my own business, so I can be with my dogs 24 hours a day.

I do everything with them, 2x daily walks, if possible with their pets, they also accompany me to work and we go on vacation together, they don’t stay at home. Fortunately, my partner also fully accepted my life, and our life and supports me in everything!